Planning a Soho Baby Shower on a Budget


Being given the responsibility of planning a Soho baby shower is fun and a bit challenging. But this responsibility comes with its share of expenses; expenses that you may or may not have foreseen; expenses that you are now fretting over; expenses that you should not be fretting over. Buzzle has broken down the baby shower into possible expenditure-incurring sections and shown you how easily you can save a lot of money on each of them. Trust us; it really is as easy as it sounds.


The venue is one of the biggest causes of concern when hosting any kind of event, let alone a baby shower. To ensure the comfort of the mom-to-be, hosting it at home is probably the best idea. If you think your home will not accommodate all your guests, you can ask a friend or relative to have it at their big place. This will save a lot of money and will be much more convenient for guests and mom-to-be alike. If you’ve got your heart set on an outdoor shower, then move part of the celebration out into the garden of the home or host the party at a public park after taking the requisite permissions.


The mantra to save on decor for any event is to buy in bulk and buy in advance. Popular retail stores always have items like balloons, bunting, streamers, etc. Buy these when you see them at a good price, no matter how far off the shower is. If you are using just flowers for decor, stick to seasonal varieties. Flowers in season are likely to cost lesser than exotic ones that are not in season. A word of advice: instead of creating elaborate floral arrangements, opt for just one type of flower. Let it be the highlight of the décor; just pinning or hanging two flowers on curtains, on windowsills, on the coffee table, etc., will render a fresh and vibrant mood to the baby shower.

As mentioned above, having the shower at a time when no one is expected to be very hungry is a sneaky, yet effective way to save on the cost of a 4-course meal. Since you have to serve food, make it something that is light, healthy, popular, and most important of all, inexpensive. Sandwiches, cheese and crackers, salads, and the like are wonderful items that anyone at a party will enjoy.


Along with food comes the cost of tableware. And while we agree that any event can be judged by how well or not its tables are dressed, a heartfelt baby shower celebration has no need to worry. Use mismatched linen as a way of decoration. If you simply must have match linen, before buying or renting, consider asking people you know if you can borrow from them. Neighbors, friends, family—there are so many resources you can tap. Cutlery, instead of buying can be rented or borrowed.

There you have it; a perfectly budget-friendly breakdown of a baby shower that will still be as fabulous as ever. But, you can always hire an event planning company to do the job for you. You only need to find the one that fits your budget.


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